Already a junior?!

Only 7 days are left to end this semester – already the fourth one for me.

“As a student majoring in English and Communications, this year was quite challenging for me. ” I have just completed the course evaluation surveys provided by the university and it helped me gather everything that I’ve learned and make final remarks for the year. The reason why this academic year has been challenging is that as an undergraduate student, I couldn’t finally decide what I want to have as my specialization. Continue reading

The Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity

The inaugural ceremony of Aurora Prize took place in Yerevan.

On the 24th of April  the Aurora prize ceremony was organized in the capital of Armenia by the initiative of IDeA foundation. Its main aim was to express gratefulness on the behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide to those, who make effort and save lives. Irrespective of one’s nationality, race, age, and social status, one can do a simple kind act that may even change destinies! Continue reading

Changing the Educational Systems


Education is the base for everyone’s future. This is a very commonly spread phenomenon that doesn’t even need a debate. Every country tries to make it as efficient as possible; some succeed and some fail.
7242412-3d-white-people-student-carrying-a-stack-of-booksToday I want to talk about the educational systems in Armenia. Referring to mostly public schools, I won’t speak of the state universities because I consider most of them to be in pretty good conditions (Taking into consideration the fact that most graduates find jobs immediately and mostly, they do not have any trouble building their professional careers). Thus, let’s consider Armenian public schools and what could be done to make them more useful.
First, it is worth mentioning that our schools’ course curriculum is a very informative and one, providing students with deep understanding of concepts from different spheres. It teaches the children almost all the theories from a certain field with as much…

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Yerevan as it is

There has always been a constant debate on how we define history and what are the most important contributors of the history; what factors should be considered as valuable and what others-some minute details that are not worth mentioning. Today, I want to concentrate on what makes the face of the city, what can be neglected, and why Yerevan is not an international “brand'” yet as a city itself. Continue reading



 Hi again! Despite the all serious spirit of this blog, I simply couldn’t ignore the Christmas vibes that dominate all around. It’s so fancy and pretty with all the smiling faces and cute street and home decorations. Continue reading